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Thailand Issues New Investor Visa for Eastern Economic Corridor


Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor has issued a new investor visa in a bid to boost foreign investments in targeted industries.

Thailand to Set 2024 Minimum Wage Rate by Year-End


Thailand is set to announce a minimum wage increase for 2024, expected to surpass the inflation rate. It is likely to fall short of the initially proposed 400 baht (US$11.12) per day to mitigate potential negative impacts on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Service Contracts in Vietnam: What You Need to Know


Service contracts in Vietnam are a flexible alternative for firms to find human resources support and staff time-bound or specialized projects.

Cambodia Increases Minimum Wage for Garment, Footwear, Travel Product Sectors for 2024


Cambodia’s vital GFT industries, encompassing garments, footwear, and textiles, are set for a minimum wage increase in 2024. We’ve observed adjustments in minimum wages for various worker categories, including regular, probationary, and piece-rate employees.

Cambodia Opens Foreign Employee Quota Application for 2024


Cambodia has opened the application window for businesses to apply for the foreign employee quota. Under the quota system, only 10 percent of a local company’s workforce can be a foreign employee.

Indonesia Introduces Golden Visa to Attract Foreign Investors


Indonesia is introducing a golden visa scheme to attract foreign corporate and individual investors. The scheme offers between five-to-10-year resident permits, depending on their investment value.

Singapore’s New COMPASS System Set to Roll Out in September


Singapore will introduce a new points system for Employment Pass applicants in September, in addition to higher qualifying salary thresholds.

Minimum Wage for Micro Enterprises in Malaysia Comes into Force


Since July 1, 2023, the minimum wage for micro-enterprises in Malaysia has come into force having been previously deferred since 2022. 

A Guide to Employment Permits for Foreign Workers in Cambodia


In this article, we explain what foreign nationals entering Cambodia need to know as regards employment-related visas and work permits in the country.

Indonesia’s Social Security System: Key Considerations for Payroll


Indonesia has made it mandatory for all Indonesian citizens and expatriates to participate in its social security programs.

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